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Kool Living Recovery Center is fully licensed detox & residential rehab facility in Los Angeles, CA. We offer individualized alcohol and drug dependence rehab programs, designed with the highest standards and quality of care. When you are prepared to take the next step, call our toll-free number at (866) 921-8893 and speak with an addiction specialist.

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We know that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach in addiction treatment. Our recovery program combines all the key elements necessary to achieve a successful and long-term recovery. Our programs are designed to fix the root of each client’s addiction problem, regardless of what phase or state they are in.

Holistic Treatment

Our unique blend of therapy and other forms of support make this program a one of a kind.

Mind & Body

Using two-pronged approach, we help the mind & body simultaneously.

Neuroceutical Treatment

Determine neurotransmitter levels in the brain & target imbalances with certain natural neuroceuticals.

12-Step Based

While we use certain aspects of the 12 step program, we have modified this program to make it much more effective than the orthodox program.

Dual Diagnosis

Cognitive therapy is designed to help clients deal with depression and anxiety common with quitting an addiction.

Individual & Group Therapy

The right combination of individual and group therapy increases the chances of success.

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Here you’ll find just a selection of our amazing patients and their success stories with Kool Living Recovery Center. Due to the sensitive nature of our industry, we only post information for patients that gives us the full authority and permission to do so. We take our clients’ confidentiality seriously and we’d do everything in our power to protect it.

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